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Our mares are proudly bred and raised by us from KNOWN sires based on the Proven Recipe:

The Proven Recipe:
Good Individuals by
Known Sires out of
Producing Maternal Families

Jae Bar Gabriella: 2019 sorrel mare by Smooth Talkin Style out of Jae Bar Francesca.  Smooth Talkin Style LTE $305k, offspring Earnings $3.9 million.  Gabby shown in 2022 NCHA Futurity by trainer and amatuer.  Sustained an injury. In foal to Sannman for 2024.  

Jae Bar Francesca: 2000 chestnut mare, (Dual Pep x Jae Bar Pamela by Doc’s Jack Sprat). “Fresca” is a FULL sister to ZEE DUALY, the NUMBER ONE Non-Pro Horse in 2003 with total earnings over $300,000 ($197,975 NCHA). 2011 foal (#1 - ET) by Smooth As A Cat - sold to Tommy Manion Ranch (Smooth Francesca). 2011 foal (#2 - carried) (Jae Bar Smoothie) by Smooth As A Cat - these foals will be full-in-blood to Smooth Asa Zee (out of Zee Dualy).
Smooth Asa Zee LTE $532k thru 2014
Fresca has LTE of $10,300
In foal to Bet Hesa Cat for 2015, 2016.  Hottish for 2017, Sannman for 2018. Smooth Talkin Style for 2019.  Tom Cat Chex for 2020.
Tomcat Chex for 2022, Smooth Talkin Style for 2023
AQHA 5 panel test  N/N.
2022 Tomcat Chex, 2023 Smooth Talkin Style


Slynxin (rhymes w/Lincoln): 2001 palomino gelding. (Peppys Boy 895 x Lynxs Skiff). He is our Go-To-Gelding.  He will go anywhere, willingly does anything, and is absolutely trustworthy (for grandkids).  He was very well trained by Bill Freeman but hampered by 2 bouts of EPM when he should have been in competition (LTE $185).  He was the best turnback help for Fresca and Smoke; he is the perfect example of what we are breeding for - heart and mind.  Full brother to Meg 702 (Peppys Boy 895 x Lynxs Skiff by Docs Lynx).

The following mares are the foundation of J Bar R Ranch:
We have been truly blessed to have been their stewards.
BiltoftsBlueVentisca: 2004 blue roan mare, (Duals Blue Boon x Lynxs Skiff by Doc’s Lynx). We went from a skiff of white to a full blown blizzard (‘ventisca’ in Spanish). She is blue roan just like her G’ma and such a sweet heart just like her other G‘ma. Tremendous maternal strength in this pedigree (and the sires aren’t bad either). 2011 foal by Fuego Del Corazon. In foal to Fuego Del Corazon for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Smooth Talkin Style for 2020. 2023 foal by Taggline. AQHA 5 panel test  N/N.  EVA neg.
Corazon Y Alma: 2008 bay mare.
(Fuego Del Corazon x Nu Berta by Nu Bar)
In foal to Cowasocki Cat for 2014, 2015, Halreycious for 2017, Tomcat Chex for 2018. Im Countin Checks for 2020.
2021 filly by Smooth Talkin Style, 2023 in foal to Im Countin Checks.
AQHA 5 panel test  N/N.
Meg 702: 2002 buckskin mare, (Peppys Boy 895 x Lynxs Skiff by Doc’s Lynx). She is a 13/16 sibling to Shania Cee, Futurity Champion. A very complete package. 2009 buckskin gelding by Fuego Del Corazon. In foal to Fuego Del Corazon for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.  AQHA 5 panel test  N/N.  EVA neg.
Royal Dusty Rose: 2000 red roan mare.  (King Peppy San x Lynxs Skiff by Doc's Lynx).   Dusty won her first beginners cutting class (unapproved) but made one mistake - she was born the same year as Fresca and we put our training funds into the highest-stud-fee horse.  But, fortunately, we kept her.  Dusty has THE SMOOTHEST lope of any horse we have raised - EVER.  Phil Rapp's High Brow Cat stallion - This Kats King - is out of a daughter of King Peppy San.  King Peppy San is a full sibling to Smart Peppy, dam of Smart Little Lena, and to Royal Santana, AQHA Hall of Fame. In foal to Fuego Del Corazon for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.  AQHA 5 panel test  N/N.  EVA neg.

Peppy Lil Shannon: A friendly seal-brown granddaughter of Mr San Peppy AND FANNIN SUGAR; she is some of the best bloodlines of the Morris Ranch in Georgia.  She produced a Fuego Del Corazon filly in 2016 and is safe in foal to him for 2017.  AQHA 5 panel test  N/N.  EVA neg. 


Smoke 029: 2001 bay mare, (Smokin Jose x Berts Spunky by Earl M’s Rondo (by Bert P-227)). This is our youngest daughter of the old Bert mare - no Doc Bar, No Little Peppy, No Playboy, but ALL COW - she will cross on ANYTHING. When you have a Bert mare you ARE in the horse business. Trained cutting horse. NCHA LTE $1,044.  2009 sorrel gelding by Fuego Del Corazon.  2011 foal by Fuego Del Corazon. In foal to CD Royal for 2015 with new owners Dusty and Kathy Morrison in Hawley, TX.

Hija Biltoft: 1991 (deceased) bay mare. Smart Peppy Doc (by Doc OLena) x Biltofts Poco (by Bar Mix). Hija is a maternal sister to Doc’s Serendipity, NCHA Futurity Reserve Champion, ½ point behind Little Peppy; and Biltofts Poco’s last daughter. 2002 filly by Oakoboji Bert, Loess Hills Abigail. 2004 bay roan mare by Duals Blue Boon, Boon Chukka Lucka, cutting money earner. 2006 bay colt by Miss N Cash, Cajero. 2011 filly by Fuego Del Corazon, Fuegos Inesperada. In foal to Fuego Del Corazon for 2013.
Nu Berta: 1985 (deceased). Nu Bar (by Doc Bar) x Bert’s Spunky (by Earl M’s Rondo by Bert 227). She passes on to her foals the early mental maturity from Doc Bar breeding and the common sense of her bottom side foundation lines. They are all good minded, trainable. Foals by Smart Peppy Doc, High Brow Hickory, Bull Peppy Rey, CJ Sugar, CD Olena, Zack T Wood, Duals Blue Boon, Peppys Boy 895, Meradas Money Talks, Fuego Del Corazon (Corazon Y Alma).
Lynxs Skiff: 1984 (deceased). Doc’s Lynx (by Doc Bar) x Biltoft’s Poco (by Bar Mix). Maternal sister to Docs Serendipity, NCHA Futurity Reserve Champion, ½ point behind Little Peppy. Producer of NCHA LTE of more than $27,000. Holly Biltoft, ‘96 m. NCHA LTE of $24,000, Lena Biltoft, ‘99 m., NCHA LTE of $882 in limited weekend showing, 2001 palomino gelding by Peppys Boy 895. 2002 buckskin filly by Peppys Boy 895. 2003 mare by Duals Blue Boon. 2005 colt by Duals Blue Boon. 2008 filly by Fuego Del Corazon (Besa de Fuego).
Shesa Rey of Alibi: 1984 (deceased). Professors Alibi (by Doc Bar) x Jay’s Delight (by Rey Jay). Professors Alibi is a full-blood sibling to the broodmare sires Docs Lynx, Docs Prescription and Docs Tom Thumb. Her dam, Jays Delight, is a line bred double daughter of Rey Jay. 2002 filly by Smart Sooner. 2003 filly by Duals Blue Boon. 2005 filly by Duals Blue Boon. 2006 filly by Smokin Manzana, 2007 filly by Fuego Del Corazon (Primera De Fuego).
Jae Bar Pamela: 1982 (deceased). Doc’s Jack Sprat (by Doc Bar) x Supreme Question (by Leo’s Question). LTE of $18,000 and 40 AQHA Cutting Points. plus many "other" non-approved earnings and awards. Pamela is #2 of 10 money earners out of 15 foals out of Supreme Question. ZEE DUALY, '99 mare by Dual Pep, has 2003 earnings of $129,000+. The first $90K was put on by Elizabeth Queen who then sold her to Hope (Justice) Mitchell; both Elizabeth and Hope have qualified for the Non-Pro Western Horseman Cup in Augusta on January 29th, 2004 - 15 non-pro riders going for $100,000. Two out of 15 going for a hundred grand isn't too bad for one horse. Smooth Asa Zee LTE $178k, Little Blue Zee $30,312. Dual Etta, also by Dual Pep, '96 m., is the oldest sister; she was 8th at the PCCHA Derby, won about $3K and was then bred by Strait Rail, Nevis, MN. We still own mare #3 - Jae Bar Francesca by Dual Pep; 'Fresca' has LTE of $10,300. 2002 Stallion by Peptoboonsmal, Fuego Del Corazon, LTE $30,398. 2005 mare by Duals Blue Boon, Royal Wendy Boon. Royal Wendy Boon has Youth Points.
Docs Harlot: 1980 (deceased). Doc’s Juniper (by Doc Bar) x Biltoft’s Poco (by Bar Mix).  Producer of 3rd place ‘87 California Reined Cow Horse Futurity.  1999 colt by King Peppy San, 2001 colt by CJ Sugar, 2002 colt by Paddys Irish Whiskey.  2004 colt by Duals Blue Boon.
Bert's Spunky: 1980 (deceased)  Earl M's Rondo (by Bert 227) x Miss Illini 29 (by Illini King).  1985 filly by Nu Bar (Nu Berta).  2001 filly by Smokin Jose (Smoke 029).  Other foals by Doc's Oak (3), Doc's Strawboss.  Bertie was bought over the phone from a guy that had this mare by a grandson of Bert and out of a daughter of "I-Nelly-King."  I asked if that could be "Illini King?"  The answer was "Yes" and the only thing Bertie ever did wrong was die.  It has been said before:  "If you have a Bert-bred mare you ARE in the horse business."  It's true.
  Biltofts Poco: 1966 (deceased) Bar Mix (by Steel Bars) x Poco Time (by Poco Dun) dam of: -Docs Serendipity (by Doc Bar) 1977 NCHA Futurity Reserve Champion [1/2-point behind Peppy San Badger]; -Docs Brown Sugar (by Doc Bar); -Docs Harlot (by Docs Juniper); -Lynxs Skiff (by Docs Lynx); -Hija Biltoft (by Smart Peppy Doc). We feel fortunate to have owned Billie the last few years of her life - She was a sweetie and is the standard I measure all mares against.
  Blonda Dun: 1962 (deceased) Poco Dun (by Poco Bueno) x George Ann (by Sergeant, sire of FL Lady Bug) - Our FIRST Quarter Horse, bought in 1980. She was bred and raised on the Don Stearns Ranch, Bowman, ND. A pretty palomino - hard to catch - but sure made nice babies.


We specialize in breeding and raising your next cutting horse winner using this recipe. Good Individuals by Known Sires out of Producing Maternal Families. This means each horse sold off of our ranch carries our brand and our reputation. We recognize it is in our long term best interest to help you achieve YOUR goals.

Jim has been a member of the Stallion Standing Committee of the NCHA.  He was a director of the Iowa Cutting Horse Assn and vice president of the Iowa Breeders' Cutting Futurity Assn.  We are Charter members of the Iowa Ranch Horse Assn and Lifetime members of AQHA and NCHA. 

You will be dealt with fairly and honestly. You will know the good points and the not-so-good points, as we know them, of each horse. Our foals are by stallions whose mothers are proven producers. This is one of our key requirements. We believe the Maternal Side of the pedigree is More Than Half.

J Bar R Ranch
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