Classic Herefords

The conformation of a Classic Hereford is small (38-48 inches compared to 50-60 inches for a standard cow) thick, deep bodied, short legged and muscular. They are early maturing, fertile and efficient feed converters. The brood cow of 700 pounds can maintain body condition on 40 % the nutritional intake of a 1400 pound counterpart. The classic cow will wean a calf weighing a higher percentage of her mature weight ( 65% or more of their body weight compared to the average of 35% to 40% of a standard cow) thus making them more economical

They convert feed to body weight more effectively than conventional sized cattle. You can graze 2 to 3 head to one standard-size animal. thus producing up to 40% more beef per year on the same pasture.

Not only do they produce more beef per acre (dress weights are 65% of live body weight compared to 45 % for conventional cattle) but more desired cuts. The average rib eye for conventional cattle is one square inch per 100 wt. (live) while a classic will run 1.5 inches per 100 wt. (live). Profit = more preferred meat + less cost (feed conversion, less damage on pastures resulting in more available food, lower equipment cost)

Classic Herefords now exhibit an improved cow/calf weaning ratio, greater rib eye are per hundred weight, a higher dressing percentage and increased tenderness due to shorter muscle cell structure, genetics and early maturity. These traits are outstanding when compared to the modern beef animal.

These cute white-face beef cattle grow to an average height of 38--48 inches instead of the 60 inch average size of large Herefords. Two 700 pound cows may be maintained with the same feed intake as one 1400 pound cow. The result is that 25% more beef can be produced from a given pasture with smaller cattle. They produce twice as many better cuts of meat in a shorter amount of time. They are also practical for stocking larger operations and can help in the movement that is presently underway to return to a more muscular, chunky type of animal that is able to thrive without pampering. An animal that is more efficient to maintain.



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